Boredom Is Death

I was reading an article in which the writer stated, “I’m only content if I’m seeking new things.  For me, boredom is death.”  That was what Oprah would call my “Aha” moment!  I said to myself, “Well that explains why I feel like I’m dying.”  Not in a literal sense but in a spiritual sense.  I have always been somewhat of a risk-taker.  I’ve always tried to have experiences outside of the box.  Experiences that most would shun.  Like I’ve attempted to live outside of the country on two occasions and I still have that same desire to do it permanently.  Right now, I am just experiencing a temporary state of boredom…..I say temporary because I’m on a mission to make for something good.  Wish me the best!

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Hello world!

Good morning World!  I am so excited that I found Word Press!  I finally get a change to meet fellow writers and dreamers from all across the globe.  I am now in my season of change.  I can feel it.  Change is good….I welcome it.  I  am always excited about learning a new skill or climbing another mountain.  Fear is our worst enemy for it impedes us from truly bringing to life those things that are burried deep within us.  Every day we should seek to overcome our fears so that we can truly live a purposeful life.  Have a sunshine day and do make sure to notice to beauty around you.

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